The Early Childhood Development Center


Children are among our country’s most valuable resources, and it is crucial to optimize their growth and development, including their physical, mental, emotional, social, and spiritual integrity. Caretakers of children must have knowledge and awareness of the importance of this matter. However, in today’s society, parents must also ensure the stability of the family income by having full-time jobs during the daytime. For this reason, the responsibility of caring for their children sometimes falls into the hands of others.

The Faculty of Nursing at Thammasat University realizes the importance of providing social services for those parents and their children by providing quality childcare, especially at the early age of 6 weeks to 3 years of age when they are experiencing rapid growth and development. For this reason, the TU Child Care Center was founded on August 2, 1999 and has continued to provide excellent childcare until the present.



  1. To provide childcare based on the large, international body of knowledge in health promotion of early childhood and to continue developing nursing research and education by using the knowledge attained from childcare services
  2. To assist in the building of new knowledge in the health promotion of early childhood in order to enhance childcare services
  3. To encourage all staff members to develop and maintain the moral and core values of the organization and the nation including Thai culture and tradition
  4. To have an excellent corporate governance system to improve management efficiency and to ensure ethical accountability to stakeholder groups



The Early Childhood Developmental Center provides services for healthy children from 6 weeks through 3 years of age and pre-kindergarten children from 3 through 6 years of age. All children are supervised by qualified nannies that have at least a high school degree and that have been trained in an early childhood program. The children are also cared for and supervised by a fulltime registered nurse, and a teacher that has majored in early childhood education.

Ratio of the number of children based on the following standard criteria:

Age Range Child/Staff ratio
6 weeks – 1 year 3 : 1
1 – 2 years 5 – 6 : 1
2 years and older 8-10 : 1


  1. Health Assessment (includes the following):
  • Monthly growth assessment (weight /height)
  • An annual health check-up by a pediatrician, and biannual oral health check-ups by a dentist
  • A developmental screening test using the Denver II Test every 3-6 months
  1. Nutritional Care
    Our menu is planned by a registered dietician.
  • Bottle feeding based on each individual child’s needs
  • Lunch with fruit
  • Breakfast and afternoon snacks
  • Solid foods will be introduced to the infant at 4 to 6 months of age
  1. Developmental Milestone Training
  • Toilet training
  • Feeding themselves
  • Dressing themselves
  • Bottle weaning
  1. Management of Illness
  • The Early Childhood Developmental Center healthcare staff consists of a Thammasat University pediatric nursing faculty member, a pediatric registered nurse, a registered dietician, and a developmental psychologist who provide counseling for parents and nannies regarding nutrition, child healthcare, and child behavioral deviations.
  • The Center has a sick room and a fulltime pediatric registered nurse that provides first aid for children displaying illness symptoms.
  • In case of emergency, the center will notify parents and refer the children to Thammasat University Hospital immediately for proper treatment.
  1. Developmental Activities for Children
    The Center provides a variety of proper developmental activities for each age group using associative play, e.g. morning exercise, storytelling, puppets, games, rhythmic activities, drawing, play dough, and rhyme matching games among other activities. These activities are planned by a teacher that has majored in early childhood education and conducted by experienced nannies. The activities aim to promote good habits and development of the four areas as follows:

    • Physical growth, and fine and gross motor skills
    • The development of language
    • Mental, emotional, and social development to be able to socialize with others
    • The development of good habits
  2. Other Provisions
  • The Bookworm Project aims to reinforce and encourage children to love reading. They also can borrow books.
  • The Summer Daycare Project for children aged 3-6 years
  • Media information services
  • An educational bulletin board where important or interesting information is posted, such as Mother’s Day, New Year’s Day, the Buddhist religious days, etc.
  • A nursing faculty member will provide counseling for parents regarding children’s health problems and behavioral deviations during office hours.
  • Our monthly newsletter provides parents with knowledge about early childhood, and it includes the center’s monthly calendar, monthly menus, children’s songs, samples of the children’s art activities, and announcements of birthdays and special monthly events.
  1. Fees
    1. Monthly fee for group 1 (age 6 weeks – 1 year) is 5,000 baht
    2. Monthly fee for group 2 (age 1 year – 2 years) is 4,400 baht
    3. Monthly fee for group 3 (age 2 years and older) is 4,200 baht
    4. Daily fee for groups 1 – 3 is 250 baht/day.
    5. One-time admission fee is 1,000 baht
    6. Admission reservation fee is 1,000 baht/month
    7. Booking fee is 150 baht
    8. Security deposit fee is half of the monthly fee (the fee will be refunded with notice of resignation 15 days in advance).
    9. Extended hours fee is 150 baht/hour (a fraction of an hour will be charged as one hour).


  • The monthly fee will be deducted in the amount of $1,000 baht for either mother or father who is a Thammasat University employee.
  • Parents with two or more children (siblings) will be charged only 1,000 baht for the admission fee.


Contact us

Early Childhood Developmental Center Building, Faculty of Nursing
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Khlong Neung, Khlong Luang, Pathum Thani, THAILAND 12121
Tel. 0-2564-4440-79 ext. 1095-6 Fax. 0-2564-2928
Or for more information and facebook: Childhood TU

Contact :
Asst. Prof. Dr. Panida Siriumpunkul
Phone : +66 2 986 9213 ext. 7360
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